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Artist Portrait, 2014, 8 min
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The sculptor and director Deville Cohen describes his artistic career, tells about the backgrounds of his work and the sources of his inspiration. During the interview Deville Cohen produced a sculpture that will later be seen as a prop in one of his video productions. Shown are excerpts from his video productions „POISON“ and „ZERO“.

Production Teaser, 2014, 1:30 min
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Based on Grimm's fairy tale Snow White the performance collective Dominique Rosales & The Playground Project conceived an interactive art walk in the labyrinthine vaults of the great water reservoir of Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg. The performance combines contemporary dance, conceptual art, innovative soundscapes with dream-like lighting and video installations.
AugenZeugeKunst documented the performance.
Video Documentation of the Bauhausfest 2014 | Bauhaus Dessau
2014, 3 min
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Under the motto Bells and Spiral - Twisted World the festival Bauhausfest 2014 refers to the Bauhaus master Oskar Schlemmer. Mainly known for the Triadic Ballet, the Bauhaus dances and his stage and costume designs, Schlemmer was also creator of some legendary Bauhaus festivals in the 1920s.
AugenZeugeKunst documented the diversity of the artistic realizations.

Soundtrack: Our Ego [Feat. Different Visitor] by Broke For Free

Video Documentation of the press conference for the cooperation project
2013, 6 min


To the second Berlin Art Weekthe four institutions Berlinische Galerie, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Neue Nationalgalerie and KW Institute für Contemporary Art united to form the cooperation project: Painting Forever!
AugenZeugeKunst documents the press conference and the guides through all four exhibition. The interviews were conducted by the artist Gaby Schulze. From the perspective of a sculptress she questioned the curators and artists about the selection procedure and the development of the exhibitions.

Soundtrack: Enterprise 1 von Languis

Performance by Jaros豉w Koz這wski
2011, 25 min, client:
Edition Block
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On the occasion of the book launch "Quotation Marks", Jaros豉w Koz這wski gives his performance "Continuum XXXIII" on October 22, 2011 in the premises of Edition Block in Berlin. In view of the exhibition "MULTIPLIZIEREN IST MENSCHLICH (To multiply is human): 45 years Edition Block 1966-2011", Koz這wski calls "Continuum" a multiple. He multiplies a performance. Koz這wski measures the time lapse with an alarm clock which he sets at the beginning of the performance and stops at the end. In between, he begins to fiercely draw with white chalk on a blackboard and then repeats the gestures of the drawing sequence with a wet sponge while simultaneously erasing it. Since the 1970s, Koz這wski has been performing "Continuum" internationally and keeps finding the unrepeatable within the repetition - the new.
Sound performance by Truant Monks at SOX Berlin
2012, 6min, client:
Truant Monks

The Truant Monks are Jens Nordmann and Ian Warner. They have been improvising, recording and performing music together in various constellations for over 10 years. The Truant Monks cultivate the art of "compostation rather than composition": the arrangement and layering of common sounds, which, with enough density, form a kind of audible humus. Sox (formerly sox36) is a non-profit project for contemporary art. It is an alternative showroom in public space, a vitrine on Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg. The window measures 225 cm in height, 300 cm in length and 60 cm in depth. Curators: Alexander Wagner and Benedikt Terwiel. The current installation at SOX was made by Tim Stapel and is called "vor Ort" (04.08.-16.09.2012).
2011, 17 min, client:
Stedefreund (Berlin)

The project "BANDPROBE" (Band Rehearsal) investigates ways and means of working creatively through cooperation. In this context, the concept "BANDPROBE" stands for the interaction of the individual actors within the same pictorial space. "BANDPROBE", initiated by the artists
Katja Pudor and Antonia Nordmann, take place regularly with various alignments at different venues. The venture culminated in the "CONCERT" exhibition in the Stedefreund gallery in October 2010.
NEUK烴LNER SOZIALPARKETT (Neuk闤ln Social Parquet)
From the Trilogy of Social Flooring, PART III
2011, 2 min, client: Barbara Caveng

As of March 17, 2011, the
NEUK烴LNER SOZIALPARKETT can be walked on and visited at the Berliner Malzfabrik (Malt Factory). The film is a document of the opening at the Tempor酺e Refugium (Temporary Refuge). Artist Barbara Caveng laid flooring which she had created from scrapped tabletops, shelves, cabinet doors, and other furniture parts, that had been wildly disposed of in the Berlin district of Neuk闤ln or which had come from the apartments, basements, attics, and gazebos of the citizens of Neuk闤ln.
2008, 60 min, client: Kulturpalast Wedding International

AUSGANG (Exit) manages to obtain a contemporary document, i.e. a segment of the society, by employing the artists Beka Gigauri and Vincent Pf輎flin as probe devices. In the experiment, conducted jointly with AugenZeugeKunst, the artists were sent out - one as a probe and one as a research object - on a voyage through the center of Berlin in order to sound out the city. The contact with the outer world is partly established and partly impeded by the artists' spacesuit costuming and the presence of the film cameras. Filtered through the camera lens, the environmental impressions flow into the security capsule of the space suit. An apartment in the district of Neuk闤ln served as the starting point of the experiment. The experiment reaches its end as the protagonists arrive in the "Kulturpalast Wedding International" gallery.